Food Tip: Fry Foods Outside.

Fried foods are AWESOME when freshly prepared and eaten. But the reason so many of us don’t make fried foods at home is, quite frankly the “fry smell” that seems to linger for weeks and the messy clean-up.

Well, get yourself a good quality deep fryer like this one and take the frying outside! No lingering smell and toss most of the frying unit in the dishwasher for cleanup.

Now first off, make sure you have a solid and steady workspace to cook from.  No wobbly tables or folding chairs, that’s simply dangerous when working around 350 degree oil.  Also keep in mind the fryer will generate a lot of heat, so you want to work on a wooden or other solid table..  If a plastic folding table is all you have, you will want to place a piece of wood underneath the fryer, like a wooden cutting board to protect the table.   Make sure you have enough space not only for the fryer but for your overall cooking process and a drying rack for the food coming out of the fryer.

Secondly, you need a HEAVY DUTY extension cord like this one because the unit will draw a lot of power. Do NOT use a light duty cord.  These heavy duty cords with the lighted ends are nice so you know you have power coming through the cord.

I recommend putting a baking sheet with a lip under the fryer and then another one alongside to place the lid when you remove the fried items.  The lip ensures any overflow oil or water from the steam doesn’t just run off your workspace onto the deck or ground.

And here’s why I love deep fryers so much despite what my old boss, Alton Brown, says about “uni-taskers.”

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